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We pride ourselves on excellent craftsmanship.
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Welcome to Revival Flooring, Inc!

We are a leader in the flooring industry in New Jersey, a status that we have established through several years of world-class products and services. We pride ourselves on the excellent craftsmanship that goes into each of our flooring solutions and systems. We are also conscious about our customers’ budgets and, thus, we offer competitive prices on our flooring installation services, too.

Homeowners, builders, and contractors as well as property managers come to Revival Flooring, Inc. for their demanding needs and wants in flooring solutions and services for these reasons. Our trained flooring technicians bring their expert knowledge and skills, state-of-the-art tools and technologies, and professional attitude with a personal touch to every project.

The result: Flooring solutions that are as durable, stable, and strong as these are beautiful – truly, a marriage of form and function that every property owner desires.

Revival Flooring, Inc. has a passionate commitment toward total customer satisfaction. Each client – you, for example – will have the opportunity to discuss your needs and wants in a customized flooring solution with our flooring technicians. You will be provided with crucial information about your wide range of choices, such as the types of wood available including their sizes, grains and properties (e.g., hardness and grade), for a more informed decision.

We believe that you only deserve the best in flooring solutions because, after all, these are permanent installations in your residential, commercial, or industrial property. Getting the best possible flooring solution the first time is a must considering that you are making a capital investment. You will thus demand superior returns on investment – and we are in the best position to deliver!

Our services include custom wood and tile floors in residential and commercial structures. Name your preferences in wood and tiles, from domestic materials to exotic supplies, and we will find a way to deliver at the right time, for the right price, and with the right results.

Contact us at 0732) 298-1179 or email us at info@revivalfloor.com for more information about our flooring-related services from installation to renovation or just to ask our flooring experts about your concerns. We will be ready for you!